The 20/80 Rule of Cybersecurity
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August 14th, 10:00 (GMT+3)
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How to Cut Cyber Risks by 80% with 20% of Investments
Join the webinar "The 20/80 Rule of Cybersecurity"
14th of August, 10:00 (GMT +3)
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Are you struggling to understand what cybersecurity measures are necessary, why they are important, and how to effectively implement them?
DISCOVER How to Cut Cyber Risks by 80%with 20% of Investments
What are the basics of cybersecurity and key terminology?

Which best practices can you implement immediately to protect your company?

How can you reduce cyber risks with minimal investment?

How do you recruit employees with the right cybersecurity skills?

What are effective ways to keep staff updated on security threats?

How can you build a security-first culture?

What technologies are essential for defending against external threats?

How do you monitor and secure internal networks against internal threats?

What tools are crucial for data protection?

How do you develop comprehensive security policies?

What are the steps for effective incident response?

How can regular audits ensure compliance with security standards?

meet your CYBERSECURITY mentor
Alex Doronin
Information Security Consultant and Advisor
Alex brings a wealth of cybersecurity expertise to his role as Chief Information Security Officer at Admirals, where he has been instrumental in driving business success through achieving cyber resilience. With a solid background in IT project management and information security, Alex has a proven track record of helping companies build strong information security management systems. His experience spans across various roles, including founding Cybertex Security, where he serves as an information security consultant and advisor.
Discover the best practices that will allow you to enhance cybersecurity in your organization, work with confidence, and spend more time focusing on what you love, rather than worrying about cyber threats.

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