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We don't rely on paper qualifications alone. Candidates undergo practical coding challenges on our specialized platform, demonstrating their ability to perform under pressure and prove their expertise.
Real-World Testing
Beyond technical skills, we prioritize cultural fit. Our tests, trusted by Fortune 500 companies, gauge teamwork, communication, and accountability to ensure harmonious team dynamics.
Cultural Fit Assessment
Our final stage involves a technical interview with our expert panel.
They assess not just technical proficiency but also intangibles like curiosity, grit, and growth mindset, ensuring a perfect match with your company's needs.
Expert Panel Evaluation
Comprehensive Portfolio
We create a detailed portfolio for each candidate, including CVs, tech skills, assessments, code samples, soft skills assessments, and video CVs. You'll have everything you need to make informed decisions.
A Quick Overview Of The Process
We've developed a meticulous candidate profile based on years of experience. Our approach pinpoints individuals who excel in high-pressure environments and have a proven track record in industries like finance, healthcare, and government.
Most of our candidates are from Poland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Georgia.
Strategic Profiling
The Accelerator is designed for:
Tech Leaders: Whether you're leading a tech team or an entire organization, our accelerator gives you access to a pool of tech engineering talent ready to help you with your ambitious projects.
HR Professionals: HR experts seeking to optimize their talent acquisition strategies will find our proven progress invaluable in identifying top-notch tech talent.
Project Managers: Those responsible for project success can benefit from our process by building teams that consistently deliver excellence.
Tech Elite Accelerator
The accelerator gives you access to high-caliber software developers who not only possess technical prowess but also align seamlessly with your team and objectives.
With our robust process, you'll streamline your recruitment efforts, saving time and resources while securing top talent.
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Q: What countries do most of your candidates come from?
A: Our candidates primarily come from Poland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Georgia.
Q: How long does it typically take to hire a developer through Bonsay's process?
A: Our streamlined process allows you to hire elite developers in less than three weeks.
Q: How does Bonsay ensure the quality of the developers it recruits?
A: We have a four-step process that includes profiling, cultural fit assessment, technical testing, and an interview with our expert panel.
Q: Is it possible to start with a candidate as a freelancer and then hire them full-time?
A: Certainly, you can initially work with a candidate as a freelancer and later transition them to a full-time role.
Q: Are there any upfront costs associated with getting started?
A: Registration is free, and you only incur costs if you choose to hire a candidate.
Q: What if I am not satisfied with the candidate?
A: Every candidate comes with a 30-day risk-free trial. On top of that, you have up to 4 months for a free replacement if they are not happy with the candidate.
Q: What happens if project dynamics change after hiring a candidate?
A: We offer a zero-termination fee in case project dynamics change.
Q: What happens during the technical interview with the expert panel?
A: Our experts assess technical proficiency, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, curiosity, grit, and growth mindset.
Upgrade your engineering team today. The first hire is on us.
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