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Cyber Protection Hub is a comprehensive and well-matured managed security service destined to protect your organization against evolving cyber threats.
It is built to be affordable for businesses of any size.

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Discover how our cybersecurity solution can protect and add value to your business:
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Bonsay Cyber Protection Hub
Bonsay Cyber Protection Hub includes essential cybersecurity services designed for the needs of the companies of every size.
Essential Security Assessment
Ensure your business's safety with our Essential Security Assessment. This service delves deep into your company's defenses, identifying vulnerabilities and offering clear, actionable steps to fortify your systems against cyber threats. It's a must-have first step towards a secured future.

What will you receive:
  1. Summary of assessment findings highlighting critical issues.
  2. Comprehensive report of identified vulnerabilities, classified by risk level.
  3. Actionable recommendations to mitigate risks and enhance security.
  4. Presentation for executive leadership on key findings and next steps.
Advanced Security Assessment and Risk Remediation
Keep your business ahead of cyber threats with our Advanced Risk Remediation Package.
Conduct an in-depth analysis of your cybersecurity infrastructure, assess advanced threats, and implement remediation strategies.

What will you receive:
  1. Detailed scan of systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities.
  2. Real-world attack simulations to test security resilience.
  3. Evaluation report with prioritized risk analysis.
  4. Action plan with timelines and responsible parties for risk mitigation.
  5. Strategic guide outlining short-term and long-term security enhancements.
  6. Compliance assessment with cybersecurity standards and regulations.
  7. Support for implementing remediation and ensuring compliance.
  8. Follow-up evaluation to verify remediation effectiveness.
Security Trainings
Equip your team with the knowledge to shield your business from cyber threats with our security trainings. Our interactive, easy-to-understand courses are designed for all, turning your workforce into the first line of defense against cyber attacks.

What will you receive:
  1. Customizable interactive training modules on cybersecurity topics.
  2. Realistic phishing simulations to assess and educate employees.
  3. Analysis of training outcomes and areas for improvement.
  4. Procedure for reporting security incidents and suspicious activities.
Security Managed Services
Obtain ongoing management and monitoring of cybersecurity operations, ensuring continuous protection and rapid threat response.

What will you receive:
  1. Full takeover of cybersecurity routines, including updates and incident response.
  2. Continuous monitoring and real-time threat detection with immediate support.
  3. Regular reports on security incidents, threats handled, and system performance.
  4. Regular meetings to discuss cybersecurity status, review service performance, and adjust strategies.
Cybersecurity expert with over 15 years of experience as CISO in large Financial institutions.
Aleksandr Doronin
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Bonsay and Cybertex teams of experts have extensive knowledge working with banking, fintech, telecom, and government sectors and ensuring high-quality cybersecurity services over the last 15 years.
Cybersecurity and Information Security Expert | CompTIA CySA+ | InfoSec Awareness
Dmitri Buloitsik
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